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It all started back in late nineties with hood gigs, summer residency djin' and raising the local scene in Croatia. The show kept going for some time and with his friends Sasskia has welcomed some amazing and iconic artists from all over the World.
In his own parallel universe He has become creator of sound, producer with more than 40 releases till present time. Labels such as Bosom, Mizumo Music, Far Down records have released his work in different genres of electronic music.
Amazed with wideness and magic of creating music, Sasskia expanded his perception of sound to different areas such as Radio and Tv live appearances, background music for museums and art exhibitions, fashion shows …
In 2013. He established live act with Adam K. professional woodwind player and teacher of music. The duo made huge success in short time with more than 100 gigs in a couple of years including festivals like Ultra Europe.
Between live shows and summer tours they released few amazing ep's with Arrakis Ep (System recordings) as most praised across the world and hitting the charts all over music stores for a few weeks.

„The Dream“ was always to run a label and in summer of 2020.  he launched Lokka records, a vinyl only record label with house masterpiece named 'Voguing Star' by Brazilian drum wizard Renato Cohen as a debut release.
Obsession with synths and drum machines led to that today he only performs as a Live Act.

Sasskia - Radio Shows:

26/10/2022 - SONIDO DEL MAR

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