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noMatt is a multi-skilled audiovisual artist and designer from Brazil, currently based in Porto, Portugal, whose skills go beyond visuals, but focus on experience that he wants to propose to the listener, that’s why he plays across a wide range of music genres from synth-pop to acid house, from techno to hyper pop, from break-beats to ambient and the list goes on depending on the context.

Mateus, aka nomad got into DJIng during the pandemic as a way to go through the hard times during the first lockdown of 2020, he joined the independent Brazilian electronic music collective, called Radio Meladonna, created by his friends from his hometown Natal in Brazil. During this time with goal of softening the effects of COVID's isolation, bringing a sense of community, they built an online radio station with open space for online conversations, and give visibility to the work of other artists, with a focus from artists from LGBTQ  community. 

Having inspirations from multiple artists from his childhood to today artists such as: Daft Punk, Cerrone, Justice, Metronomy, The Chemical Brothers, Boards of Canada. Being passionate about electronics and music since childhood, ended up naturally diving into the waves of electronic music through synthesizers and creative programming. His work has diverse musical and aesthetic influences from video game and movie soundtracks, 80's and 90’s, sci-fi themes, and more modern styles.

noMatt - Radio Shows:

07/09/2022 - synthECCO

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