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“Born and raised in Northern Ukraine 🇺🇦, I've been doing music either learning the piano or participating in folk percussion ensembles which I have a fond memory of. Somewhere towards that childhood period's end I've started experimenting with composing and recording, mostly on electric and acoustic guitars as the most readily available things out there to me. That got deeper when I spent a year living in Des Moines, Iowa, where I got to play in a jazz band, solidified my passion for music overall and picked up some sound design while participating in an IDM project by Maksym Merkulov, called Whaler. We've released a bunch of ambient music together and I still find it very relatable. Also, around that time I got properly exposed to raves and the Ukrainian techno scene, which was arguably still cool back in the day. After that, I've taken a long pause setting up my life in general, and now I'm again committing to making music. Under DJ Lofi I'm showcasing what I'd dance to on a big speaker, digging through combinations of Ukrainian IDM, Electro, G-House and Bass, and lately 90s UK Jungle.”

DJ LOFI - Radio Shows:

01/07/2022 - DJ Lofi's Gymnasium
05/08/2022 - DJ Lofi's Gymnasium #2

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